Australian Festivals and Events

Summer in Australia is arguably the best season in Australia. There are plenty of exciting Australian festivals and events happening all over the country, whether it be sports, music and arts or food and wine festivals. Whatever you’re into you’re sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. Sip on some wines at a winery in Hunter Valley or dance to the beat of the latest electronic music at a music festival.

An Aussie summer is associated with the cricket season and the Australian Open, 2 of many much loved sports Australians love to play. Green and gold is prevalent at the matches, people in morphsuits and crazy hats and face paint run a muck with excitement. Dressing up is custom at these events, so bring the excitement to the stadium and dress up in bright coloured wigs and blue and gold accessories.

The 26th of January marks Australia day, a time to celebrate Australia in all it’s glory. Fire up the BBQ and relax with a backyard summer party, dress up and show your pride in an Aussie flag morphsuit or put on a funky green and gold hat. Another fun idea is to have a summer themed costume party such as Hawaiian or Under the Sea theme, dress up in a hula skirt or as an 8 legged sea creature.

Whether you’re into food and wine, folk music or the cricket there is plenty going on in the summer time to keep you entertained. Music festivals such as Future Music is on in all major cities in Australia so you don’t have to travel far to attend an event with all the latest DJ’s. Also, look out for local city events such as The Sydney Festival or the Woodford Folk Festival in Brisbane, there is plenty going on in each city throughout the season.

Take a look at some of the exciting upcoming events Australia has to offer:

Australian Festivals and events


Let your hair down and chill out to summer vibes at the next music festival. Dress up as the princess of the jungle or a tribal wolf warrior.


  1. Princess of the Jungle Womens Costume
  2. Wolf Warrior Womens Costume
  3. Unicorn Mask
  4. Blue Curved Long Lash
  5. Exotic Eyes Mermaid Kit
  6. Sofia Jewelry Tattoo
  7. White Rose Flower Crown
  8. Yellow and Orange Headdress
  9. Cream Pink and Blue Flower Sugar Skull Mask



Party rock this Australia Day and do the shuffle in a gorilla morphsuit. Crazy is in this summer season so make sure you make a bang at your next party.


  1. Party Rock Anthem Shuffle Bot
  2. Deer Antlers Headpiece
  3. Mohawk Green Wig
  4. White and Black Indian Headdress
  5. Australian Flag Moustache
  6. Silverback Gorilla Morphsuit
  7. Australian Flag Morphsuit
  8. Kangaroo Boxer Mens Costume


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