How to Throw a Masquerade Party

Masquerade Balls originated in the 16th century Renaissance era in Venice. The high class had lavish parties with extravagant costumes and masks. These masks added mystery and romance to parties as guests had a chance of meeting others they would not usually be acquainted with. The fun and games ended at midnight, when the clock struck 12 the masks were removed and identities were revealed. To this day, masquerade parties are a popular party theme that can be extravagant or modest. Here are a few tips on how to throw a Masquerade Party for you and your guests to suit your occasion.


Whether you are looking to hold a Masquerade Ball fit for a king or a casual cocktail party for a few friends, masquerade parties offer a fun dress up occasion that everyone can get involved in. If you are looking to celebrate a costume party with a bang, hold a 16th century Venetian style fancy dress party and ask guests to wear extravagant gowns and suits with frilled shirts and vests. For a semi-formal costume party, ask guests to wear cocktail attire and add a mask to mix things up.

How to throw a masquerade party

Masquerade Party Theme Ideas

Colour theme: The classic colour theme for a formal party is black and white. It is easy enough to decorate and guests won’t have much trouble finding an outfit. If the party is for a particular occasion such as Christmas, you can have a red and black party or for a New Year’s Eve party, a gold and silver themed party.

The Venetian Ball: When we think of masquerade balls, we usually think of Marie Antoinette with her colourful over-the-top gowns and hats with feathers. Recreate this 16th century fantasy ball and ask guests to wear ball gowns, white wigs and jewelled masks.

Carnival Theme: A twist on the classic, a carnival masquerade party is perfect for summer. Throw on some colourful beads, feather boas and an outfit covered in glitter.


Depending on your theme decorate with the appropriate colours. Some great colour themes for a fancy Masquerade Ball are matching black with colours such as green, gold and purple. Add ribbons, confetti and feathers to your party setting and finish off with placing fancy decorated masks around the party.


Adapt your food menu to your party theme. If you are having a cocktail party, keep the menu simple with foods such as canape’s, cold meats, cheese and antipasto. Alternatively for a royal feast, organise a catered banquet menu with seafood, roasts and salads. To add a decadent touch to the party set up a chocolate fountain and a champagne tower.

Costume Masks

Choose from elaborately styled masks with jewels and feathers or opt for a sheike simple design. If you are wearing a simple black dress, put on a statement piece such as a baroque style mask with feathers. Accessorising a plain outfit with a statement mask will make you stand out from the crowd!

How to throw a masquerade party

Court the high lady or nobleman in these mysterious masks:

  1. Black Lace Eye Mask with Crystals
  2. Provence Metal Eye Mask with Purple Jewels
  3. Daniella Black Feathered Eye Mask
  4. Black and Pink Lace Feather Mask
  5. Isabella Pink and Gold Mask with Feathers
  6. Black and Gold Cat Mask
  7. Black and Gold Mask with Peacock Feathers
  8. Black and White Mask with Feathers
  9. Purple and Green Half Mask with Feathers


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