The Miley-Bob Makeover

What would Miley do? Put on a pair of redneck teeth.

The all American girl who grew up in Nashville, Miley Cyrus, once a Disney sweetheart has transformed into a mega pop-star. Her transformation was not a subtle one, shocking the world with her outrageous antics and wild behaviour. From twerking on stage half naked to provocative photo-shoots she has definitely captured our attention.

Miley has been known to wear statement fashion pieces, there is never a dull outfit she wears whether she’s on stage or hanging at Starbucks. Her new favorite accessory seen snapped on Instagram is a pair of Billy-Bob Redneck teeth, which sold out within an hour of her posting the picture below. She is seen styling the accessory with Chanel or just in the plain nude!

The BillyBob redneck teeth come from the US reality TV show called “Gags to Riches” which documents the hilarious lifestyle of the southwest hillbillies. These teeth are the trademark of the stereotypical American redneck culture so it is quite fitting that Miley Cyrus, preaching ” It’s a Party in the U.S.A” and her dad being the famous Billy Ray Cyrus country singer, that she dons a pair of Billy-Bob teeth.


A snap from Miley’s instagram. (Those drumsticks don’t look very appetising…)


billybob moodboard

Complete the BillyBob look:

  1. 80’s Mudflap Mullet
  2. American Flag Aviator Sunglasses
  3. Billy Bob Hillybilly Shoe Covers
  4. Red Bandana
  5. Beer Mug Glasses
  6. Fake Cigarettes
  7. Retro Rock Leopard Sunglasses
  8. Retro Rock Cherry Necklace
  9. Miley’s favourite BillyBob Teeth
  10. Retro Rock Leopard Bangle
  11. Faux Real Leopard Womens Bikini Shirt

Put on your cowboy hat and play on repeat at your next HillyBilly party:


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