A Safari Adventure- Kid's Birthday Party

Welcome to the jungle, you’re in for a wild ride!

A Safari theme is great for young boys and girls or even a baby’s first birthday party. It offers plenty of great games to play such as a safari scavenger hunt and animal charades. The kids are guaranteed to have a ROARING good time at this party.


A creative idea for  an invitation is to make “passports” for your guests. Details can include: expedition time and date, and main camp location (home address). Be as creative as you like when making the invitations, use images of animals and green or brown paper.


Get your guests to dress up as a Safari explorer or their favourite jungle animal. For a Safari explorer outfit, put together khaki shorts, shirt, pith Helmet and binoculars. To dress up as an animal, they can put on a simple mask or to be in full character dress them in an animal Onesie or Morphsuit. You can also do an animal face painting activity during the party to ensure everyone is involved in the dress up fun.



  1. Animal Half Mask Giraffe
  2. Animal Half Mask Tiger
  3. Animal Half Mask Lion
  4. Cheetah Plastic Mask
  5. Cheetah Full Body Kids Costume
  6. Lil Elephant Toddler Costume
  7. Zebra Morphsuit Kids Costume
  8. Cuddly Lion Girls Costume



Decorate your party setting with the colours yellow, red and green. Use curtains of streamers and fluffy hangings  (as seen below) to create a jungle atmosphere.

For ornaments, get the kids to collect palm leaves, gum nuts and flowers before the party. Place these around the party setting, put the flowers and greenery in vases for table centerpieces.








Dress up the table in fun safari themed plates and cups:

  1.  Party Cups
  2. Beverage Napkins
  3. Party Plates
  4. Safari Adventure Hanging Decorations
  5. Safari Adventure Table Decoration
  6. Safari Adventure Activity Placements
  7. Safari Adventure Plastic Tablecover
  8. Safari Adventure Photo Prop
  9. Safari Adventure Party Banner



Safari Scavenger Hunt

Hide various small plastic animal toys in the garden, if you don’t have these handy use picture cut outs of animals. Give each child a list of animals to look for on the Safari Hunt. Depending on the age of the child, you can make these riddles or clues easy enough for the child to solve.

Animal Charades

Have index cards ready before the party with animals on each card. Each child takes a turn in acting out the animal on the card (No words allowed, however noises are encouraged).

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