Hawaiian Luau Party Theme


Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate with a tropical Hawaiian Luau Party Theme. This theme is great for any occasion whether it be a birthday party, Christmas party or a casual get together. Sit back and relax with a Mai Tai or exercise your hips in a Hula Spin off.



The dress code should be casual beach style. Ask your guests to wear a floral Hawaiian shirt, board shorts and flip flops. They can also dress in traditional Hawaiian grass skirts and floral bikinis. To welcome your guests to the party, grace them with a lei around their neck upon arrival.


Hawaiian Luau Party Theme

  1.  Adjustable Coconut Bikini Top
  2. Hawaiian Shell Plastic Bikini Top
  3. Hawaiian Multi Coloured Grass Skirt
  4. Flower Bra
  5. Hawaiian Coconut Ukulele
  6. Hawaiian Tropical Garden Lei
  7. Adjustable Hawaiian Floral Bikini Top
  8. Multi-Coloured Light Up Lei

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Picture this: soft yellow sand, the calm of the light blue ocean and the shade of tall, wavering palm trees. Take your guests on an trip to Hawaii by creating the ultimate Hawaiian beach atmosphere using palm tree cut outs, inflatables and scene setters. Create a tropical vibe by using fruit as table centerpieces, whole pineapples or bowls of assorted fruit. Set the table with a colourful tablecloth and themed tableware.

Hawaiian Luau Party Theme

  1. Hawaiian Luau Garden Lantern
  2. Aloha Party Banner
  3. Hibiscus Paper Lanterns
  4. Coconut Coasters
  5. Surf’s Up Tableware
  6. Drink Hula Skirts
  7. Plastic Flamingo Wine Glass
  8. Tissue Pineapple Table Decoration
  9. Tropical Bird Danglers
  10. Luau Door Cover
  11. Large Inflatable Palm Tree Prop
  12. Polynesian Dancer Cutout
  13. Grass Bin Skirt
  14. Hawaiian Luau Candle Holder
  15. Surfer Street Sign Cut Out

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Fruit- A Hawaiian Party is not complete without an abundance of fresh fruit. Pineapple, mangoes, watermelon and more, fill out a platter full of freshly cut fruits.

Hawaiian Pizza- An easy dish and great for kids. Throw on some ham and pineapple to your pizza base and cover with cheese.

Roast Pork- For the ultimate authentic Hawaiian style meal, roast pork is a must! Roast a pig over open fire or simply serve up some pulled pork and fire up the BBQ with some delicious meats.



Hula Hoop Spin Off

You will need:

  • Hula Hoops for each guest
  • Luau music

Hand out the hula hoops to your guests and put on the Luau music, the person who is able to hula the longest without dropping the hoop wins.


The Limbo

You will need:

  • Bamboo pole around 1.5-2 metres long
  • Luau music

Get 2 guests to hold either side of the pole. Play the Luau music and get everyone to line up and take turns bending backwards to avoid the pole. Each time another round starts, the pole is lowered. The person who is able to bend back the lowest without falling wins.


Coconut Bowlimg

You will need:

  • A coconut
  • 6x 1L empty bottles
  • 1kg of sand or water

Fill the bottles 1/4 full with sand to create bowling pins. You can decorate the bottles as palm trees with cardboard cut outs.Use 3 pins for kids and 6 pins of adults.

Hawaiian Luau Party Theme

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