Party like it’s the…. 1990’s!

Another decade party theme to add to the list, the 1990’s! It feels like only a few years ago we were obsessing over pop groups like the Spice girls and N’Sync but now the time is ripe to reminisce with a costume party dedicated to the 90’s. Mobile phones were becoming mainstream, everyone had a Nintendo console at home and THE internet was born.


Movie and TV Characters

There are many classic movies and iconic characters that come to mind when we think of the 90’s. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman had us wishing a  wealthy, handsome man would come sweep us off our feet. Will Smith charmed us with his cool persona in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Pamela Anderson graced our TV screens in Baywatch and Keeanu Reeves boggled our minds in The Matrix.


Some awesome costume ideas for 90’s movie and TV characters are Power Rangers, Neo from The Matrix, Pamela Anderson, Britnery Spears and MC Hammer.


90’s Bands

Pop Culture phenomenon, Spice Girls rose to international fame with their catchy pop songs and signature outfits. They preached about girl power and made it cool. Selling 100 million copies worldwide, these girls truly did take over the world.



Are you Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary or Sporty? Take the buzzfeed quiz here.

Choose your character costume here.



Here are our top picks of iconic TV and movie characters of the 90’s:



  1.  Pretty Woman Costume
  2. Power Ranger Costumes
  3. Baywatch Lifeguard Womens Costume
  4. Matrix Costumes


See all our 90’s costumes and accessories here.

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