Let's Rock N' Roll- 1950's Party Theme

Put on your blue suede shoes it’s time to rock and roll into the 1950’s!

It was known as the era of the rebellious teenagers, Jazz Diners and Rock N’ Roll. TV sets became a common household item and everyone was tuning in to watch Happy Days and I Love Lucy. During this time a new genre of music was introduced by Elvis Presley and Cliff Richards called Rock N’ Roll.


Flashback into 50’s fashion with poodle skirts, tattoos and suede shoes:

  1. 50’s Tattoos
  2. Going Steady High School Ring
  3. Music Note Eyelashes
  4. Oversized Rock and Roller Glasses
  5. Poodle Socks
  6. Retro Rock Babe Womens Costume
  7. Elvis Deluxe Costume
  8. Nifty Fifties Womens Costume





Decorate the playful era of Rock N’ Roll with hot pink, red and black:


  1.  50’s badges party pack
  2. 50’s Moustache Party Pack
  3. 50’s Lunch Napkins
  4. 50’s Printed Paper Lanterns
  5. 50’s foil banner
  6. 50’s Confetti
  7. 50’s party cups
  8. 50’s scene setter room wall 
  9. 50’s printed paper fans

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