The Great Gatsby: A 1920's Party

A little party never killed nobody…..

The Roaring 20’s was the era of prohibition, nortorious for illegal gambling and drinking, Jazz music and dancing Flapper Girls.  It’s the perfect party theme for an extravagant Christmas or New Years party.




The Flapper Girl

A new age woman was born in the Roaring 20’s, they were called “Flappers” and they smoked, drank and wore heavy makeup. Their attire would consist of a cocktail dress, heavily tassled or beaded with over the knee stockings and sexy rounded heels. For the accessories they would wear feathered headbands, feather boas and pearl necklaces.


Become the iconic 1920’s woman, choose from different styles of dresses and accessories here.


The Dapper Man

Gangsters were rich men who ran speakeasies and showed  off their wealth by wearing silk ties and shirts, pinstriped suits and Fedoras. They smoked cigars, held guns and wore expensive jewelry.


Polish your shoes and put on  your suspenders, see all our 1920’s costumes and accessories for men here.






The movie, The Great Gatsby by Baz Lhurman showcased the 1920’s in such glitz and glamour with an abundance of over flowing champagne, feathers, balloons and fireworks. To replicate this extravagant party choose a silver and gold colour scheme and decorate with confetti, balloons and hanging decor.



  1.  Gold Table Cover
  2. Silver Party Plates
  3. Gold Napkins
  4. Champagne Flute Silver
  5. Silver Cutlery Set
  6. Metallic Silver and Gold Champagne Hangings
  7. New Years Eve Balloons
  8. Hollywood Fluffy Decorations
  9. Gold and Black Champagne Confetti
  10. Glitter Top Silver Hat


The Champagne Tower

Lastly, a great idea for a centerpiece, the champagne tower. Whether it’s 8 tiers or 3, have the champagne flowing at the start of the night to get the party started.


champagne tower

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