Tequila Time! A Mexican Fiesta

Put on your sombreros it’s time for some Margaritas!


A Mexican themed party is bright and colourful which is perfect for a Summer Christmas party. Mexican food is easy to prepare and can feed many guests including your long line of relatives.



Senioritas and Senors, its time to dress bright in yellow, green and red! For women there are plenty of Mexican themed dresses to choose from which even come with a sneaky bottle belt to store your beloved Tequila. Add a sombrero and large gold earrings and you’re ready for a Tequila challenge.


For men, the classic Mexican costume is the poncho and sombrero. Accessorise with a a booze belt to make sure you’ve always got some Tequila handy. Complete the outfit with a moustache, choose your stache style from bushy to tart. See all our moustaches here.


See all our Mexican Costumes here.





Make your decorations as colourful as possible; use vibrant flowers for table centerpieces and a coloured table dressing. Mexican paper lanterns are also great to hang from the ceiling.


  1. Mexican Fiesta Party Cups
  2. Mexican Fiesta Party Banner
  3. Maracas
  4. Mexican Fiesta Fun Party Plates
  5. Mexican Fiesta Fun Party Napkins
  6. Mexican Fiesta Margarita Glasses
  7. Fiesta Round Platter
  8. Fiesta Fluffy Paper Lanterns
  9. Mexican Fiesta Table Cover
  10. Fiesta Balloons
  11. Mexican Fiesta Inflatable Cactus Cooler



A Mexican favorite, you cannot have a Mexican Fiesta without this staple!


See here for this delicious loaded Nacho Recipe.

Make Your Own Tacos

Set up a Taco Station where guests can fill up their Tacos with their own favourite ingredients such as Guacamole, Salsa, beef and cheese.



Lastly, you can’t have a Mexican party without Margaritas! Serve your guests this delicious classic drink, get the recipe here.




A classic Mexican game, purchase your piñata or make it out of Paper Mache. Fill the inside with candy and hang it from the ceiling. Each guest will get a turn at swinging at the piñata with a stick blindfolded.


The Sombrero Dance

Get everyone to get up and dance. One person will start off wearing the sombrero and they will pass it onto another person and so on. The person wearing the sombrero when the music stops has to eat a chilly pepper!

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