Hollywood – A Movie Stars Party

Roll out the red carpet for your A-list guests and welcome them to a glamorous Hollywood party!

The Oscars are the most lavish awards show for the rich and famous. Movie stars roll up to the red carpet in their limousines and step out in their fancy gowns. Paparazzi’s will have their camera poised and ready to get the million dollar snap. Give your guests the celebrity treatment as they walk into the party and set up a camera station with flashing lights. Let them find their inner narcissist as you ask them to strike a pose for the camera. Follow through the experience with glasses of champagne and platters of Hors’deorves.





Vintage Hollywood Glamour

Movie starlets of the 1940’s and 1950’s had a certain sophisticated look, soft wavy hair, porcelain skin and red lipstick.  Dress up as movie starlets like Vivien Leigh from Gone in the Wind or the sultry Marilyn Munroe. Wear a classic silk gown and accessorise with pearls, long gloves and a 1950’s wig.

The classic hollywood actor wore long tailed suits and vests, ties and bowler hats. Dress as the iconic celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin or Elvis Presley or in any classic 1950’s costume.


Young Hollywood

A great theme for the younger crowd, get guests to dress up as current popular movie stars. Some examples include  Brad and Angelina, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp and the list goes on!

See all our Hollywood costumes here.



oscars party

Decorate with gold tassels, film cut outs and confetti stars.





Prepare for a fabulous opening night:

  1. Movie Directors Clapper Board
  2. Gold Balloons
  3. Hollywood Decorating Kit
  4. Hollywood Popcorn Party Table Cover
  5. Hollywood Round Party Platter
  6. Hollywood Party Cups
  7. Hollywood Gold and Silver Stars Party Pack
  8. Gold Champagne Flute
  9. Silver Plastic Megaphone
  10. Hollywood Round Paper Lanterns


The Awards Show

A Hollywood party is not complete without the awards ceremony.

Some examples of awards for the night might include:

  • Best Dressed Couple
  • Best Celebrity Look-a-Like
  • Most likely to be Famous
  • Best Costume


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