Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Trick or Treating is fun and exciting for kids, however it can be dangerous and parents need to be plan ahead to ensure a fun and safe Halloween. Trick or Treating usually happens between 5pm and 9pm, find your neighbourhood Trick or Treat event or take them yourself on a safe route. Here are our tips for a fun and safe Halloween:




  • Always have a parent/guardian present- Children should always have an adult present when Trick or Treating, it is not safe for a children to go alone. If possible, walk in groups.


  • Plan a route- You may get carried away and walk further away from your neighbourhood than intended. It is best to map out a route and stick to the streets you know best.
  • Attend an organised event- Find a gathering in your neighbourhood to find big groups to go Trick or Treating
  • Get your street involved- Drop a flyer or talk to your neighbours and ask them to get involved in Trick or Treating. Ask for them to place a balloon at the front of their house so they can easily be identified as a house that is participating in Trick or Treat giving.


  • Wear comfortable shoes- You may be walking a long route so it’s best to wear comfortable shoes.


  • Be careful of driveways- Always walk on the footpath and look both ways when crossing a driveway


  • Bring a torch- If you are Trick or Treating at night, bring a torch to make sure drivers can see you and if you are in a group the leader should have a torch so they can be easily seen


  • Avoid masks- Masks can inhibit breathing and can sometimes make it difficult to see so it’s best to opt for face paint instead


  • Avoid ill-fitting costumes- Avoid costume that are baggy or costumes which restrict movement as it may cause kids to trip


  • Bring light-weight props- If your child has a matching prop for their outfit, ensure it is made out of foam or plastic to avoid it causing any injuries to other kids. It is also easier to carry around


  • Check your kids lollies- You may want to throw out any lollies that were given out by strangers which don’t have any wrapping or is not packaged


Lastly.. have fun!

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