The Addams Family: A Gothic Manor Party

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky, which is why the Addams Family is the perfect family costume theme. Each member of your household gets their own special role; from your particularly hairy cousin, favourite uncle to your family pet (which you can now call ‘Thing’).



Which Addams Family Character are you?

1. Zombie Lady Womens Costume

2.  Jail Bird Mens Costume

3. Sexy Morticia Womens Costume

4. Frankenstein Mens Costume

5. Addams Family Gomez Mens Costume

6. Uncle Fester Mens Costume

7. Wednesday Girls Costume

8. Reaching Hand Animated Prop

9. 3 Armed Black and White Baby Romper





Complete your outfit with some spooky accessories….

1. Stripe Arm Gloves

2. Wednesday Addams Black Wig

3. Silver Sparkling Skull Prop

4. Gomez Addams Wig and Mustache Set

5. Black Rose Prop

6. Morticia Long Black Wig

7. Beehive Witch Grey Wig

8. Halloween Devil Bald Cap with Horns

9.  Black Witch Cauldron

10. Frankenstein Animotion Mask

11. Zombie Halloween Gloves

12. Black Standing Cat With Lights and Sound


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