Style Guide: Zombie Sheike

There’s a zombie apocalypse and they’re coming to your town!

If you’re going for the scare factor this Halloween the Living Dead theme is a top favourite. Sweet Dorothy, Innocent Snow White and lovely Minnie Mouse have transformed into gruesome zombies! These classic storybook characters that were once children’s favourites will now bring you nightmares.




Zombify yourself!

Get the glamorous costumes:

1. Zombie Snow White

It wasn’t an apple she bit that turned her evil!

2. Zombie Minnie Mouse

Minnie comes from Zombieland, the land of horror.

3. Horror Zombie Dorothy Womens Costume

Dorothy met a zombie on her way to see the Wizard!




The Horror Zombie Dorothy costume comes with a Latex chest piece for a more gruesome effect! Match this dress with Blood Spattered Thigh High Socks and Black Patent Platform Mary Jane High Heels.



The local high school has been over run by Zombies, even the Gym teacher has been infected! This high school musical cast will sing to a different tune of horror and fright.


Costume options include:

1. Horror Zombie Prom Queen Costume

Everybody’s dream girl has fallen from grace, her beauty is no more.

2. School Boy Zombie Costume

A far cry from Zac from High School Musical, this schoolboy has lost his boyish charm.

3. Zombie Sports Teacher Costume

Sue Sylvester has transformed into her true form, her outside now matches her ugly character.

4. School Girl Zombie Costume

She always lacked the brains for maths and now she’ll be eating them!

5. Dead Zone Zombie Costume

This once high school jock will use his athletic abilities to chase terrified humans.


For more brain gorging zombie costumes visit: ZOMBIE UPRISING

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