Asylum Decorations

Once you enter the Asylum there is no going back……


At a twisted Asylum you will find  bloodied knives, brains in jars and lots of syringe props. Remember, the more blood and gore the creepier the asylum.


Scare the guests as they enter the party with this asylum “reception”counter. Get a table to replicate a counter and a skeleton to greet the guests. Spatter some blood for a more twisted atmosphere.








Create a “patients file” for you guests and outline their illness and reason for admission into the asylum.











Buy some jars and fill them with fake blood and cow intestines. Label the jar as a body part and set them up around the party scene.





Another clever prop is this urine sample tray which is actually plastic cups with apple juice.





For an instant horrifying Asylum decoration, use a Halloween Scene Setter Asylum Kit.

Asylum Scene setter2







These props will drive your guests into insanity:

1. Brain Jar

2. Head in Laboratory Jar

3. Hospital Directory Halloween Sign

4. Halloween Asylum Cutout Decorations

5. Asylum Halloween Banner

6. Asylum Foam Sign

7. Halloween Party Shooter Syringe Shots

8. Halloween Asylum Nurse Cutout

9. Halloween Asylum Holographic Sign

10. Bloody Eye Sack Halloween Decoration

11. Body Parts Cutout Decorations


Looking for your best gown to wander around the Asylum? Check out our Asylum Style Guide.

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