Style Guide: Check Into The Asylum

The patients have broken free and the institution is on high alert! They are after revenge from those who had them locked up, watch out the restraints are loosely strapped…




Strap yourself in:

1. Dr D Ranged Mens Costume

2. Asylum Restraint Mens Costume

3. Psychotic Restraint Womens Costume

4. Nurse Delirium Womens Costume




Add a little more crazy to your costume:

1. Bloodshot Crazy Contact Lenses

2. Lunatic Contact Lenses

3. Dolly Black Contact Lenses

4. Wicked Twin Head Halloween Prop

5. White Opaque Thigh Highs with Bows

6. Horror Dolita Womens Costume

7. Pint of Fake Blood

8. Freddy Kruger Syringe Glove

9. Black Lipstick

10. White Pretty Stiletto Womens Shoe

11. Black Patent Lace Up Boots

Create a horrifying asylum party with our Asylum Decorations Guide.

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