Halloween Party Checklist!




  • Choose a Party Theme

See our Halloween page for theme ideas. Hot favourites for this year are Creepy Carnival theme, Asylum and Horror Fairy-tale.

  • Prepare a Guest List

Whether it’s an intimate Halloween movie night with a few friends or a full-blown Halloween party with circus entertainment there are different ways to celebrate!

  • Book a Venue

If you are choosing to opt for an extravagant party make sure you book a venue at least a month before to secure your spot! Community Halls and clubs are a good option for parties with 30+ guests.

  • Prepare Invitations.

Give your invitees a fright with custom made creepy Halloween invitations.

  • Prepare Party Activities

Write up a rough outline for party activities for the night. This can range from having acrobatic performers to doing simple games like pass the pumpkin.



  • Send out invitations via mail or email
  • Plan a menu for the night

You might even like to ask your friends to bring a dish!

  • Write up a grocery list for the party food
  • Purchase party supplies and decorations according to your theme

Severed heads, syringe shots and talking zombies, there are plenty of props and party supplies to help set the mood for a frightening Halloween party.

  • Start planning your outfit with accessories

Don’t forget the blood, a staple for any Halloween costume! If you’re stuck on costume ideas visit out Halloween page for ideas and inspiration.

  • Start looking at makeup tips to suit your costume

There are plenty of YouTube videos with step by step instructions on how to create the perfect Halloween look from an Asylum patient to a Circus Ring Master.



  • Call up guests who have not responded
  • Purchase any final party supplies and decorations


  • Purchase party food: Finger foods, appetizers, candy and desserts

If you are pressed for time or have minimal cooking skills, don’t be afraid to buy ready-made food and put a creative Halloween twist on them.

  • Make sure you have your camera charged with memory space; you’ll be snapping a lot of awesome costumes on the night!


  • Start preparing some food such as the cake
  • Decorate your home with party props
  • Set up and get ready for any party activities you have planned for the night



We hope you have a HORRORFUL NIGHT!

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