Seductive Vampire Makeup

Humans will be lining up as blood tribute after you recreate this Sexy Vampire Makeup look! Michelle Fan, the YouTube beauty guru takes you step by step on how to create the ultimate Seductive Vampire Makeup.


Choose from these crazy vampire eyes, Classic fangs and lipstick!




Create the look:

1. Vampire Contact Lenses

2. Volturi Contact Lenses

3. Hell Raiser Contact Lenses

4.Wild Fire Contact Lenses

5. White Out Contact Lenses

6. Purple Nail Polish and Lipstick Combo

7. Coagulated Blood Gel

8. Classic Vampire Fangs

9. Red Lipstick

10. Dark Venus Stage Blood

11. Natural Black Eyelashes

To complete the sexy Vampiress look, check out the Vampire Style Guide.

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