Creepy Carnival Decorations

Creepy clowns, spiders and wild rats run amuck at a CarnEVIL party, get props and posters to achieve this creepy theme. If you are planning to have your party outdoors you might like to hire a gazebo tent to get a real carnival atmosphere. However, even  if you are planning a modest party indoors, there are plenty of ways you can decorate your party space with carnival cut outs and posters and creepy clown props.

crazy clown

DIY Decorations

Create carnival signs by simply getting together some cardboard and timber and attach them as shown below. Paint anything you would like on the sign such as “Step Right Up” and “Never before seen”. You might even like to spatter a bit of blood for a creepier effect.


Another idea is to create a Ticket Box to place at the entrance of your party. Perhaps you would even like to put a skeleton prop inside it for a creepy greeting for your guests. This ticket box can be easily created by using a large cardboard box such as those you get when buying a refrigerator. Simply paint it with red and white stripes as shown below.



Peek-A-Boo! I see you!scagiggle-1


Place this Scary Peeper Halloween Prop outside the window, it is guaranteed to give people a fright!











When decorating your table setting use a red and white colour theme with the table cover, cutlery, plates etc. Fill your table with carnival food such as corn dogs, popcorn and apple candy.



Carnival Ticket Box



Set the Scene with these creepy decorations:


1. Creepy Carnival Value Pack

2. Clown Cut Out

3. Creepy Carnival Hanging Swirl Decorations

4. Creepy Carnival Horizontal Banner 

5. Scary Clown Halloween Sign

6. Severed Clown Arm

7. Apple Red Party Plate

8. Stripe Table Cover

9. Apple Red Cutlery Set

10. Small Hollywood Popcorn Boxes

12. Casino Lunch Napkins

13. Red and White Striped Paper Bowl


For some CarnEVIL costume ideas see our Creepy Carnival Style Guide.

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