The Best Costumes for a Day at the Cricket

*Image from 2013 Summer’s Biggest Dress Up Party

The Ashes may be over, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a heap of cricket on tap for the rest of the 2014 summer… things are just heating up! If you caught any of The Ashes excitement, you probably want to keep the buzz going; if you missed it, you have some priorities to sort out, but now’s your chance to make up for it!

We’re loving the Carlton Midi ODI Series on right now, their Summer’s Biggest Dress Up Party is back on, and could put some cash in your back pocket if your fancy dress costume catches the attention of the judges. Get the boys together and make a day of it – costumes, cricket, beers – it doesn’t get much better! Check out the contest details at, you could walk away with $1000 for best dressed!

This isn’t your only chance for cricket and dress up fun, there are heaps of matches to come with tickets still available, here are links to cricket dates and ticket info around Australia for the rest of the 2014 summer:

Summer Cricket Series:
Carlton Midi ODI Series
KFC T20 INTL Series
Bupa Sheffield Shield
Toyota Futures League

Women’s Cricket:
Women’s Ashes Tour

Now, of course we’re all here to watch the cricket, but nothing makes a day at the cricket pitch more fun than clowning around with your mates, and a great fancy dress costume is sure to start things off right. Having your crew in matching outfits, dressed as the gang from The Flintstones, or maybe even the Spice Girls (whatever floats your boat) will really bring you all together, so we’ve got a few links and ideas for dressing up:

Morphsuits – Check out some great Morphsuit dress up ideas here for dressing up on your own or in a group. These one-piece suits are easy to see, breath, and even drink through – and come in a variety of colours, patterns, characters, and national flags.

Aussie Green & Gold – from wigs to headbands, flags to costumes, your sure to rouse an “Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi” when your troupe of blokes in matching green and gold outfits walks into the stands. Best of all, you can use them again for Australia Day and the upcoming Winter Olympics.

True Blue Aussie – Nothing says ‘on ya Aussies’ like the Southern Cross, so grab your flag and get ready to wave it, or even better, wear it! Some true blue character costumes like Ned Kelly and Mick Dundee will do the trick too!

Group Costumes – there is strength in numbers, so think about dressing up your crew in the matching costumes, or as a group of characters – it will help you from getting lost in the sea of people too! The Scooby Doo gang, a pack of crayons, The Flintstones, and Mario and Luigi are perennial favourites, but get creative, and be sure to share your pics with us on Facebook!

Hats & Headbands – keep the sun off your face and make a statement by getting your group in matching hats for the day. Sombreros, visors, and anything over-sized seem to be in fashion these days!

Wig Out! There’s nothing funnier than a bloke in a wig… except a whole group of blokes in wigs! Whether it’s a bright blue afro wig or Marilyn Monroe: the more wrong the better!

Team Colours – Shop accessories by colour – no matter what match you’re watching, you’re sure to find tons of costume favourites to coordinate here: wigs, hats, masks, and more in popular solid colours.

Need more ideas? Check out


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