How To: Ultimate Zombie Costume and Makeup

If you are becoming one of the walking dead this Halloween and want that ultimate fresh from the grave look then look no further than our ‘How To: Ultimate Zombie’ make-up guide.
This is the perfect look if you are off to the Sydney Zombie Walk later this month on the 27th of October, where hundreds of the dead are expected to take to the streets of Sydney for charity. Or be it any scary party you are attending this Halloween as it is quick, easy and looks dead cool as all you need is your own foundation, some gruesome make-up, eye contacts and a blood stained cheerleaders outfit.
Our YouTube blogger Taylor Mack (neverknew) takes you through the stages step by step so you can become the ultimate zombie this coming Halloween.

Here are the products used for the videos available

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Vlad Ta See Ya – Vampire Bite Make-Up

 Cheer Zombie Women’s Costume


Crazy Contact Lenses & Case – Darth Maul

All In One Horror Make-Up Kit





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