Snow White Movies and Costume Ideas

Originating from Germany, Snow White is one of the most famous fairy-tales in the world. The fairy-tale was written and published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm and was adapted into an animation by Walt Disney in 1937. The classic fairy-tale has also been revamped as a live action movie in 2012 in Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, giving the a fresh spin on the classic story.


The fair skinned princess is best known for her trademark blue and yellow gown with a red ribbon in her hair. Modern and classic interpretations of the costume have diverged away from iconic costume and there are many variations from elegant to modern to sexy.


Check out the modern Snow White movie trailers below and find out our top picks for Snow White Costumes.


Snow White Movies

Mirror Mirror

This live action fairy-tale doesn’t deter much from the classic Disney story, featuring Julia Robert as the Evil Queen and Lily Collin as Snow White.



Snow white and the Huntsman

A darker take on the classic Disney movie, an evil queen must eat the heart of young maidens to maintain her beauty. After hearing this, Snow White escapes the castle and the Queen sends out a huntsman to capture her.



Snow White Costume Ideas

Fairytale Snow White Womens Costume: You’ll be the fairest of them all!
This Fairy Tale Snow White dress has a bit of a sexy edge to it.With colourful blue puff sleeves and a raised hemline in the front, this one looks great with a bright petticoat underneath. The hair ribbon is attached to a headband, so it stands up easily and looks great!

snow white costume


This Deluxe Snow White costume is a page right out of the movies. A back lacing corset top dress with full length skirt with back bow and headband with bow. The top is a navy velvet while the skirt in gold has a satin finish.
Snow White Costume


The iconic dress from Disney’s animation, this costume is a classic! The dress comes with a detachable satin cape and blue velour collar and a yellow satin skirt. To complete the look, this costume also comes with the classic black wig, red headband and a drawstring bag.
Disney Snow White


A sexy spin on the classic Snow White, this detailed costume comes with a dress,cape, headband and sleeves.
Sexy Snow White


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