How to Host an Oscar Party

There are a lot of great reasons to love the Oscars: the beautiful stars, the amazing fashion, and the build-up to the awards are all part of the annual movie buzz around the Academy.

Sitting at home with a bowl of popcorn in your pajamas watching with the cat can be a really good time, right? Hmmm, maybe it’s time to host an Oscar Party!

It doesn’t take much to throw it all together: send out some invitations, get dressed up, muster up a few appetizers and cocktails, and gather some chairs around the TV with your friends.

Follow our tips below for the perfect night of glitz and glamour!


Send out invitations with at least 3 weeks notice, and set the tone by using lots of black and gold. Include the dress code for the evening (Black Tie of course), what the evening will entail (voting on the winners, having a few drinks and appetizers I’m guessing), and the time and date, with instructions to be there for with lots of time before the start of the broadcast… watching the red carpet arrivals is the best part after all!

Check out these great Hollywood themed party invitations ready to order, or create one online at Or go it the facebook way, and create an event there.


People love an occasion to dress-up, and they are going to love you for giving them an excuse to go shopping or break out the tuxedo. Encourage people to go over the top here, we’re talking Hollywood, not Quiz Night at the local. Need some inspiration? Google some pics and channel your Carrie Bradshaw to throw something together from your closet and jewelry collection, or check out one of the dress hire businesses around like DressedUp. Most guys should have a tuxedo or a black suit they can alter to fit the night, if not check out our list of Tux Hire sites below.

The exception to black tie / gown is to offer guests the chance to dress in costume as one of the characters from a nominated movie. There is an entire category at the Oscars dedicated to costumes, so why not get in the mood and theme your event: Alice in Wonderland, True Grit, The King’s Speech, The Tempest, and I Am Love are all nominated for Costume Design Awards this year and would be easy to dress up for! For more ideas go to Costume Box and scan the selection of costumes and accessories there.



  • Role out the red carpet, put up some stanchions, and hire a photographer (or bribe your kid brother) to take photos of everyone as they arrive paparazzi style.
  • Set the table with gold: check out PartiesOnline for a great selection of  plates, cups and table clothes.
  • They also have loads of Hollywood themed decorations to choose from: balloons, streamers, cut-outs, and banners… and fake awards, perfect for your home Oscar awards!
  • As much as a party is about mixing and mingling, the focus of an Oscar Party is around the TV, so make sure everyone has a seat or comfortable place to watch from. Hopefully you have a decent sized TV, if not consider hiring a projection screen to hook up to your cable.

Most of the eating and drinking will probably be happening between commercial breaks, so make sure to have lots of finger foods and appetizers on hand so people can snack through the night.

A great man once said: “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” It’s all about the awards, so make sure your guests are up to date on the movies, actors, and directors nominated for this years Oscars.

  • Check out this link for a full list of the Academy Award Nominees. Or connect your guests on Facebook with this New York Times list that lets everyone share their votes.
  • Get a bettin
    g game going with your guests and give out an award for the person that chooses the most correct Oscars: Download an Oscar Ballot PDF here with all the major awards on it to print off and play along.


  1. Great idea for an event. I don't know if this has caught on as much here as in the USA, heaps of my mates there do Oscar parties. Sounds fun!

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